That’s what I have been doing now that I’m not working. Hanging out in coffee shops and noticing how crowded they are with three categories of people: (1) older loners (like me); (2) people who are networking – business or romance; and (3) people have a coffee and something else just because. The Starbucks at […]

My work moved to a new building. This liberated me from having to endure the walk from and to Union, mostly underground. In the morning I exit at Queen and Yonge, walk to Bay, then turn onto Richmond. I walk as fast as I can, but slow down to look at the Victory Building, a […]

People are living longer, but most endure a gradual decline – becoming a lesser form of their earlier self. Dependent on the kindness of strangers (especially if family is distant or worn out). Not the gentle picture of Brel’s “Les Vieux’. Once they cannot live at home, the indignities of institutional care magnify the sadness […]