Monthly Archives: December 2013

In the Dark

Almost a week with no power. The apartment was cold, dark and strangely silent. I’ve never done winter camping, but I imagine the experience to be similar to this. A more basic way of living, with distractions and comforts missing. P and I search for places to recharge our phones. Starbucks seems to be the […]

Getting There

It seems like I’m always rushing to get somewhere – work, home, an appointment. The subway ride most days is an obstacle to getting to one’s destination on time. The daily delays announced with window dressing of concern for those of us trapped on a packed train float by. I’m impatient, hot in my winter […]

Not the Best Seat in the House

Not every play, even a great one, is meant to be experienced from afar. My expensive seat was like a nest on a very high tree (the balcony), with a side view of the stage. “Needles and Opium” would work better in a more intimate setting. Despite the imaginative stage setting (most of the action […]