Monthly Archives: July 2013

Hannah Arendt

Hannah Arendt is a film one should see. It’s slow the way stories about ideas can be, but that doesn’t mean it’s tedious or boring. Arendt’s reportage of the Eichmann Trial focuses on the “why”. It’s the eternal struggle to understand, maybe even rationalize why people can brutalize others. Arendt’s analysis is disciplined and unemotionaI. […]

Out West

I grew up out west. Quite a culture shock on arrival. The prairies in the late 1960s were the bedrock of homogeneity. Anything foreign was viewed with suspicion. Main street was marked by establishments such as Lucifer’s and Hudson’s Bay. Chateau Lacombe was starting to look run down and attracted a shady crowd. Bistro Praha […]

We Are Family

Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Tommy/Marky. The Ramones weren’t related, but they were like a family, with a full sense of familial dysfunction. Johnny and Joey didn’t speak to each other for years. Diametrically opposed in their political views and temperaments and connected by Linda who used to be Joey’s girlfriend and became Johnny’s wife. Dee […]

Welcome to the Working Week

Back at work. The concrete jungle is one giant construction zone. It takes strategic planning to avoid dust, mud and detours. Everyone looks exasperated, except for the tourists who seem to find amusement in TO’s disheveled appearance. As long as they can find Timmy’s, all is good. In my office, I hear the constant noise […]

Dark Places

Lately TV dramatic series are preoccupied with dark themes and protagonists. It’s as though they want to portray humanity at its worst, devoid of redeeming values. There is very little difference between the criminal and the detective (“The Fall”). The protagonist is detached and emotionless (“Dexter”, “The Bridge”). Or he is unable to relate to […]


Sitting in a restaurant with my mother and sister, I was recalling our town. In the town square, a bookstore, delicatessen and Cafe Magnolia. Then our street. We struggled to remember the surnames of one of our neighbours; my mom remembered their occupations, dogs and habits, but not their names. We continued with our lunch, […]


The Fringe Festival is a hit and miss experience. Yesterday it was a miss for me – a play in which Desdemona and Ophelia unload their men baggage not in a particularly interesting way. “Elvis is Water” was an antidote. Not sure it quite works as a play, but it works as a musical performance. […]