Monthly Archives: April 2013

Only Connect

So much sadness in the air lately. Too many disasters that are man-made. We look for reasons, explanations and sometimes there are none. Banality of evil, or fanaticism, or disregard for others. Maybe a disconnection that feeds destructive forces. We feel the world is a fragile place, with no predictability or absolute safety. In times […]


I’m going to see a documentary on Roman Polanski next weekend (“Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir”). It’s supposed to be a look at a life punctuated by horrific experiences and yet full of artistic achievement. It seems to me that Polanski’s more recent films are a more controlled version of his personal and artistic preoccupations. […]

How Should an Artist Be?

I’ve been reading Sheila Heti’s “How Should a Person Be?” from time to time. Like with “Girls”, I’m both put off and drawn to the characters and their lives and preoccupations. To be an artist is a full time gig. Beset by insecurity and narcissism (and creative block), the artist hangs out with her friends […]