Monthly Archives: February 2013

Justified Again

I’m on a hiatus, waiting for someone to return Season 3 to the video store. Storytelling was still good in Season 2, lifted by the poetic vernacular, and sly humour. Raylan’s most interesting relationship is with his nemesis, Boyd. Both of them have a certain ambivalence, but Boyd is hot to Raylan’s cool. I liked […]

American Music

“Justified” has a great soundtrack. Gives you a retro roots music feel. Like the Blasters in the 1980’s, American to the core. They played the El Mocambo in 1983, just after Muddy Waters died. Instead of doing their usual set, they turned it into a blues night.

Hillbilly Cool

So far, “Justified” is as good as John Doyle promised. I’m still watching season 1, so haven’t gotten to the usual point of a serial getting tired of its story lines and characters. A mix of buckwild with wise guys interloping. Some faces that look like those of real people, although the main actors (Raylan […]

All that Heaven Allows

I watched “All that Heaven Allows” last night. Vintage Douglas Sirk. Very stylized, with brilliant color. Kitsch with a message about the oppressive 1950’s in America. Rock Hudson not only grows trees, but also has a wooden delivery (he seemed to gain an understated self-irony only later in his career). Interesting that Sirk inspired Fassbinder.

The Suitcase

I’m reading Sergei Dovlatov’s “The Suitcase”. Recommended in the Toronto Star as an insightful look at life during communism in the Soviet Union. These are short stories that reveal the absurdity of communism rule. Told with humour and tenderness. How a portrait of Dostoevsky was mistaken for one of Solzhenitsyn (makes sense — both look […]