Monthly Archives: May 2013

Pauline at the Beach (Why I Miss Eric Rohmer)

I like talky movies. Rohmer’s protagonists talk a lot, and can’t decide what to do, who to be with. They can be awkward and unaware of their own self-delusions. They don’t always read others very well. Pauline and her older cousin Marion spend their summer vacation together. Marion sees herself as a sophisticate, but also […]

On Foot

There is a divide between drivers and people who rely on public transit to get around. The subway, the bus or the streetcar is the great equalizer. People are forced to share space, listen to the conversations and complaints of others, come into contact with individuals who they might have not sought out. It’s the […]

Good Vibrations

I’m wallowing in the past. Things I’ve seen and done before seem so much better than the experiences of today. A sign of aging. After finishing my last exam, I rush downtown to catch a French movie. An antithesis to the drab suburban university campus that’s my home during the academic year. “A Simple Story” […]

Boyfriend Material

Snippets of conversation overheard between two twenty-something women crossing the street. About a guy she misses, fun and great to go out with, but not “boyfriend material”. What is boyfriend material? Not polyester, but natural fabric. The next day I read in the Globe & Mail the daily personal essay submitted by readers. This one is […]