Monthly Archives: June 2013

Urban Landscapes

The city seems empty this Saturday. The streets look sleepy when I leave home in the morning and venture out to one of the new trendy neighbourhoods downtown. Not completely gentrified yet, with plenty of rough edges to mark that it’s still in the process of transition. The little art galleries seem to be closed […]

Masters of the Universe Ride the Subway

Going home around 6 o’clock. The train is full. I manage to get a seat, because I walked to the stop right before the busiest stop in the downtown core. Near me, a bunch of young guys in suits, on their way up, but still having to ride the subway instead of cruising to and […]

Girls Talk

“Frances Ha” has been getting mostly great reviews. Packed theatre for a 3 o’clock showing. I couldn’t warm up to Frances until the last 20 minutes of the movie. She was too reminiscent of Hannah (Girls) or Sheila Heti (How Should a Person Be?), although unlike Hannah or Sheila, Frances had an innocent quality, sort […]

Underground Diaries

Today I went to “The Other Coffee Place”. It’s in the path, beneath the financial district towers. Usually a big lineup, just one person making espressos, cappuccinos and lattes. The coffee is good, worth the wait. There is a TV screen suspended in the corner, silent, just flashing bad news headlines. Florence Welch is wailing […]

Little Virtues

So reassuring that people do their own thing, even if sometimes it means doing it solo. I went to a play in the middle of the week, and the play was sold out, with a dozen rush tickets to be sold half an hour before the performance. First come, first serve. A small lineup started […]

My Starbucks Name

I need to find a good Starbucks name for myself. Starbucks is more the melting pot than multicultural mosaic – they struggle with foreign names, and yet insist on personalizing my occasional cappuccino. I get very interesting interpretations of my name, exotic and odd. Ironically, my name is very common in the country of my […]

It’s Only Rock’n’Roll

Robert Plant still has his wild hair. I watched a YouTube video of Alison Krauss and Plant singing “Black Dog” at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in 2008. He wasn’t simply going through the motions. Looked like he was enjoying himself. So different from the shirtless, tight-jeaned Led Zeppelin frontman. Less showy, but same intensity. […]