Monthly Archives: November 2013

Sweet and Low

What is it like for couples to work together? Depends on the couple, I suppose. I liked the fictional flow of Grace and Mason, working at a facility for at risk youth, pretending not to be romantically involved when at work, but very much in sync on their home turf. “Short Term 12” has a […]


I was listening to DNTO the other day. The theme was regrets. Listening to people relating something they regret was reassuring in some way. It’s an acknowledgement that things can be messy, mistakes are inevitable. I do my everyday routines and obligations, but in the back of my mind, a soundtrack keeps me energized. “Starman”, […]

Little Richard

I got the last ticket to the David Bowie exhibit tonight! And it was great. I put on the headphones they gave me, and followed the crowd into the first room. Young David was a bit poser. He soaked up everything he read, heard, saw. Stored away in his mind. I liked hearing him talk. […]