Monthly Archives: August 2013

Going to TIFF

TIFF requires planning. First I buy a package of 10 tickets. I read the online movie descriptions and recognize the films I already read about, or directors I like or themes that interest me. Then I look at the schedule and since I can only take a day or two off work, immediately eliminate the […]


Is Brody just another married man on the make? I’m halfway through season 1 of “Homeland”. It doesn’t quite have the same pull for me as “Justified” or “Top of the Lake”. Maybe this is why I pay attention to the is it a relationship or not angle. Carrie says that she had an epiphany […]

In Focus

Watching “Top of the Lake” on Bravo isn’t easy. Blatant commercialism rules. Conversations are cut midstream every 10 minutes, to go a seemingly endless stream of commercials, often the same ones repeated over and over. No respect for the integrity of the story, or the viewer. It’s the ADHD version of television programming. There was […]

Don’t Forget Me

When you’re older, Saturday nights are for staying home, unless you make a concerted effort to go out. First, a long walk through the leafy neighbourhood. It’s quiet and the air already feels like fall. A change of seasons brings on a certain melancholy. “Top of the Lake” is winding down, a couple more episodes […]


Friday nights at a downtown movie theatre one sees mostly couples. I’m intrigued by older couples. Each couple seems to have an unspoken/secret language. There are sexy older couples – she decked out in a tight dress, piled up hair; he in snug khakis and a blue shirt. Then there are Ralph Lauren couples with […]