Monthly Archives: September 2013

Major Tom

I started this blog with David Bowie. Now that the David Bowie Is exhibition is in TO, I listened again to his music, especially the 1970’s stuff which I missed out on during my FOB days. Then I was surrounded by the sounds of Black Sabbath and Nazareth and by the time I became friends […]

Walking and Talking

Everyone is walking and talking. It looks as though they’re talking to themselves. Then I notice the earbuds. They’re oblivious to everything around them. Post TIFF, I’m back to my usual routine. Rushing to the subway in the morning. Another delay announced. Some look stoic, others are visibly frustrated. This time the train is sitting […]

Burning Bush

TIFF ended today. I finished the festival with Agnieszka Holland’s HBO Europe series “Burning Bush”. A 4 hour marathon, worth every minute. It depicts the events following the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. Student protests were taking place throughout Europe in 1968, but in Czechoslovakia and Poland they were directed against the heavy-handed Russian […]

Teenage Wasteland

I skipped Love, Faith and went straight to Hope. Ulrich Seidl’s Paradise trilogy is not exactly uplifting viewing, although apparently “Paradise: Hope” is the lightest of the three films. This is what I see this afternoon at TIFF. I took the day off and reveled in the smaller lineups on a weekday compared to weekends […]

Let’s Dance

I saw Paolo Sorrentino’s “The Great Beauty” last night. It was fitting that it was shown in the late evening. After all, the party was just getting started – Jep, the jaded protagonist, was celebrating his 65th birthday. No, “The Great Beauty” is not an updated version of “La Dolce Vita”, although Rome, debauchery and […]

Bread with Butter and Sugar

Another TIFF movie today. The first Polish film of a Polish-born director living in Britain. Set in the early 1960’s, a story of a novice about to take her vows. She given an opportunity to reconnect with her only surviving relative, an aunt who is a judge. The aunt tells her that she is Jewish. […]

Only Lovers Left Alive

If you like music, literary references, remember the Cramps and saw at least one Jim Jarmusch movie that stayed with you, you will probably like “Only Lovers Left Alive”. It’s an ode to Detroit and to romance that’s not schmaltzy but cool. Vampire as a reclusive rock star, living in a Janet Cardiff and George […]