Monthly Archives: October 2013

In Between Days

I just heard that Lou Reed died. Only 71. He lived hard, so a full life, not particularly concerned with self-preservation for most of it. Sad. New wave and punk musicians seem to be more fragile than rock’n’roll ones. Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Joe – all gone before old age. These days, if you are […]


I’m on the Alice Munro bandwagon. On Thursday morning my friend texts me that Alice Munro won the Nobel prize. First we banter about the relative merits of the Margarets – Atwood and Laurence – then we both admit that we haven’t read anything by Alice Munro. In the past, I looked at her books, […]

On Our Own

There is nothing better than listening to an episode of DNTO on doing things alone, while being alone. It’s reassuring to hear how other people cope with solitary experiences. Sometimes they even find them thrilling and liberating. Hmm…I do enjoy my solitary walks, and browsing in the bookstore, and even going to a movie by […]