Monthly Archives: September 2014


Finally reading. I go through long periods of reading snippets of this and that. Too distracted, tired, unfocused to read an entire book. But then I stumble on a book that immediately draws me in. It’s by an author I’ve read before. He writes about New Yorkers, usually bookish, Jew-ish, self-absorbed but not unsympathetic. Florence […]


TIFF is almost over. I saw 4 movies in 4 days; quite restrained compared to most TIFF goers. My movies had one thing in common: a slow pace. That is not necessarily a bad thing if the film has other virtues. “Tu Dors Nicole” had charm, despite the slight story. Someone in the audience alluded […]

Hit and Miss

That’s my TIFF experience so far. Two movies that linger with me after viewing. Another one that seems heavy-handed and unlikable. Then one I have a ticket for, but won’t bother to see – it’s been compared to “Ishtar” and that can’t be good. I saw Christian Petzold’s “Phoenix” on Friday night. After seeing “Barbara”, […]

I Married a Shadow

Every time I daydream about living in France, I have to remind myself that France is not like in “I Married a Shadow” or an Eric Rohmer film. That here and now is not so bad, and maybe even good. As I walk up to my office building, I get that feeling of detached affection, […]