Post Pop Depression

The grandfather of punk doesn’t sound as good as the grandfather of funk. Punk is not supposed to get older. The eclectic crowd at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts (O’Keefe) showed that punks sometimes get older. There was a sprinkling of younger fans – some of them came to see Josh Homme. It was a good crowd. Misfits, preeners and polite rebels. The Sony Centre security was heavy-handed and oblivious to the music. How different from the guys who did crowd control at the Garys shows. They were Ramone lookalikes, and had the Ramones vibe too.

U.S. Girls came on just after 8 pm. The have an odd sound, sort of Goth electronic music. Interesting, but I had enough after 20 minutes. Could be good in a movie soundtrack.

Since this was Sony Centre where things have to start on time, the lights dimmed around 9 and everyone stood up, just like in a real concert venue. “Lust for Life”. Iggy skinny and sinewy, looking tiny compared to Josh Homme (Homme is a mountain, but a mountain that moves really well). Right away I knew this was going to be good. The band sounded so tight, loud. Iggy’s voice still the menacing baritone, his attitude is a more polished version of fuck it all. Yeah, the jacket was off pretty quickly. The band remained fully dressed, they must have been sweating up a storm, but looked untarnished.

This Iggy gently surfed the crowd, visibly limped and took breaks while the band ripped through the music. This was a performance, a very good one, but more controlled and calculated than the Iggy of before. I remember seeing Iggy at the Masonic Temple in the early 1980s. Terrible sound, he only played for 45 minutes, but was pretty raw and spontaneous.

This time it was different. Josh Homme, Dean Fertita, Matt Helders and Matt Sweeney brought their own sound to Iggy’s music and Iggy’s collaboration with Homme. This was both nostalgic and new. Not a Golden Oldies show.

It was so loud, my ears felt plugged for a few hours after the ended. I was on a cloud. Came home energized to deal with life again.


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