Between the Notes

I love high school movies and Richard Linklater’s “Everybody Wants Some!!” is just a step removed from high school. A snapshot of college life in Texas in 1980, it’s a movie without much gravitas. Baseball jocks drinking, partying, trying to pick up girls and very occasionally playing baseball. Some gross out moments, posturing and talking, all to a soundtrack some of which should be forgotten (not Blondie). It’s not Linklater’s best work, but it has warmth and absolutely no darkness. Definitely not politically correct, and true to the time depicted.

College life in Texas around 1980 reminds me of university life here, in the late 1970s. The end of disco (not soon enough), prog rock, punk, new wave (country & western came later – TO is not Texas). Looking for the perfect Lee overalls. Dancing in clogs – harder than it looks. Pub nights. Dreading “She’s a brick house” and “Short people” (I know, Randy Newman is a genius). Waiting for “Heart of glass”. The school part was filler, everything else was the main event. I didn’t know any poetic jocks. It doesn’t matter, it was a magical time because things were beginning.

So go see “Everybody Wants Some!!”, but don’t expect too much.

“Hail Caesar!” also has an exclamation mark (but only one). A minor work by the Coen brothers, but very enjoyable. It’s a piece in appreciation of old Hollywood. Channing Tatum does Gene Kelly, Scarlett Johansson does Jean Hagen doing Lina Lamont. Clooney is always good in Coen brothers movies – they give him a sense of irony.

These days we need enjoyable, with no darkness and a little bit of irony.


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