In search of cartridges for my discontinued faucet, I ventured out into unknown territory. Strip malls and suburbia – I lose my sense of direction and independence. The plumber instructed me to get the cartridges before he would come and look at the faucet. I became his incompetent assistant.IMG_20150830_110101The store where I bought the faucet didn’t have the catridges, so I had to call the company that made the faucet. After three phone calls, the catridges arrived. Now to get the plumber to come and change them – it’s like booking a medical appointment. ¬†Determination and resourcefulness are a must.

I ordered my TIFF tickets. Regrettably couldn’t get “The Lobster”. Decided not to try for “Ariabian Nights” due to my attention span – not geared for anything long. I have a feeling that my film selections are too focused on sadness. I chose two Canadian films which I hope will be good if not great. One English and one French.


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