TV Watching

No, I don’t watch TV that much. It requires much less effort than reading. A different kind of escape than book therapy. TV is spoon feeding most of the time; reading is actively gathering and analyzing.

I started reading Jim Shepard’s “The Book of Aron” and in the beginning I was completely immersed in it, but as the German occupation and Warsaw ghetto horrors unfold, it’s more difficult to read (not that is not beautifully written). I delay going back to it, or read just a few pages.

So I relax watching TV. Highbrow (but not too high) relaxation is the Danish series “Borgen”, a wonderful procedural on how politics, government and media work. Also on the state of gender equality – in Denmark, so sometimes different than in the New World, and other times not so different. Good acting, interesting characters, insight into the art of compromise necessary to hold on to things like power and relationships (well, doesn’t always work with relationships).

Lowbrow relaxation is “Poldark”. A remake of the 1970’s BBC series, it is enjoyable in an undemanding way. Beautiful to look at, well acted, and the main characters (especially Ross) have good hair (as did the actors in the original series, except for Elizabeth). It lacks some of the tension and character development that the 1970’s version had, but maybe it’s necessary in a retelling. “Poldark” is only a step away from being a period romance, but the Cornish landscape and depiction of mining life add substance to the fluff.

Being too serious, I need fluff.


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