Is Happiness Overrated?

I don’t think so. Melancholy may be overrated. Sometimes happiness is so elusive; sadness is commonplace.

I was thinking that after I saw “The Homesman”.  A revisionist western, in the style of Coen brothers “True Grit”.  A bit too slow in places. Hilary Swank’s performance is strong if not entirely authentic.  The loneliness and isolation of the main charactersn is reminiscent of Ethan Edwards’ unattached protagonist in Ford’s “The Searchers”.  Life in the 1850’s in the American Midwest was not easy to endure. “The Homesman” is an unromantic portrait of life during that time. It’s worth seeing, but don’t expect greatness.

Happiness doesn’t have to be grand. It’s subway musicians playing a tune that picks you up. An article in the newspaper that’s so well written that it makes you want to do something – read the book that was reviewed, find out more about a place or a person, or go to see an exhibit.

My worry is that these days I experience things secondhand – by reading about them on my tablet or phone.  An overload of information, insufficient time to do things other than work or life maintenance. How to recover one’s inner rebel and break the tyranny of routine.


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