Yesterday I saw a guy dressed as Spiderman skateboarding on Queen Street…and drinking coffee. He looked completely in the moment. I envied his freedom.

Today was an Opethy day. It got dark and gloomy in the afternoon, the kind of weather that makes you feel tired even if you’re not. On my lunch break I read an article in the New Yorker by Emily Nussbaum. I don’t watch most of the television shows she writes about, but I always enjoy her writing. This time she was talking about a show called  “Looking”.  It’s about gay men, their social lives and relationships, serious and casual. Nussbaum compares “Looking” to the eighties film “Parting Glances” – I saw it then and still remember it, mostly because it was so clever and almost real and Steve Buscemi in one of his first roles burned through the screen, you wanted him in every scene. That HBO. I don’t have it and maybe it’s a good thing since I probably would watch TV way too much.

Last night I stumbled across an article about Mariangela Melato dying last January at the age of 71. She had the dreaded PC (pancreatic cancer). I loved her in Lina Vertmuller’s movies. Lou Reed and Susan Sontag also died at 71. Seems early. Still, they managed to squeeze so much into the time they had.

Lately I’ve been fascinated by condo developments that brazenly declare that utilitarian nature of super small apartments is the way to go in the downtown core. A new development is going up around Queen and Spadina with tiny units, I think approximately 300 square feet. All the appliances are built in, as is some furniture. Things are folded and multi-purpose, clutter and collecting rendered almost impossible. There is a certain beauty about living with as few possessions as possible – liberating as well. Simplicity in a complicated world. If they would only move those condos to Bay & Bloor, keep them at the same price as the miniatures at Queen and Spadina, I’m in. 


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