In the Dark

Almost a week with no power. The apartment was cold, dark and strangely silent. I’ve never done winter camping, but I imagine the experience to be similar to this. A more basic way of living, with distractions and comforts missing.

P and I search for places to recharge our phones. Starbucks seems to be the place to be. A cold little meal and an outlet to recharge the phone. 1950’s jazz in the background. We regurgitate our misery.

To keep warm, we hang out at Indigo but the Christmas crowds put us off. We need a Goldilocks type of place. The Jew-ish style restaurant in the mall has a huge lineup, but we decide to wait and see how quickly people get seated. To pass the time, we listen to the music that’s being piped in. Suddenly P says: “Listen…do you recognize this?” I don’t. P has to tell me. It’s a song by the girl band she was in. You can hear her guitar riff. We’re lost in a temporary feel good moment.

If nothing else, power outage means you can go to the movies. Movie theatres escaped the lights out syndrome.

I see “Her” (beautiful cinematography, but a weird vibe to the whole thing), “American Hustle” (not a great film, just an intensely enjoyable one), “Inside Llewyn Davis” (a great film, but not so enjoyable, leaves you with a dour feeling) and “The Wolf of Wall Street” (a bit of a mess, too long, best thing about is the soundtrack that says it all – Howlin’ Wolf and Plastic Bertrand – DiCaprio is good, too bad the film is not able to deliver a more incisive take on the masters of the universe).

I’m basking in the glow of light, warmth of my living room, Mozart on the radio.

When the power came back yesterday morning, everyone came out of their apartments to celebrate. The outage created a sort camaraderie among us. People talked to each other more. Sad to think that adversity is the catalyst for this.

Last night I watched TV for the first time in over a week. I stumbled upon rerun of few episodes of the first season of “American Horror Story”. Didn’t see the show before and at first I disliked it because it was too much of a mash-up of all the horror films I’ve always avoided. Then I became more engaged in the plot, especially after Jessica Lange appeared on the scene. But then I sensed that the horror motif was going to spoil my sleep, so I turned to a BBC program on the artistry of Manet and between Manet and the return of power, I was happy.


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