Sweet and Low

What is it like for couples to work together? Depends on the couple, I suppose.

I liked the fictional flow of Grace and Mason, working at a facility for at risk youth, pretending not to be romantically involved when at work, but very much in sync on their home turf. “Short Term 12” has a real life feel most of the time. Grace and Mason have a first hand knowledge of the type of hardships that the kids in the facility face. Will they manage to hold on to their relationship? Commonality of experience is the glue that holds people together, for a time at least.

“Short Term 12” is a good small movie. Very natural performances from the young actors. A day after I saw the movie, I finally clued in that Kaitlyn Dever who portrays Jaden was Loretta McCready in “Justified”, a very different character from Jaden. But equally strong even if mistreated by the adults in her life.

Then there are couples in music. Listen to “Sweet and Low” by the Tedeschi Trucks Band. So sad…very blue. Derek Trucks has a great guitar sound, Susan Tedeschi is a great blues interpreter. She is almost 10 years older than he is, but the age difference is not noticeable. I suppose in the music industry where touring is a given, playing together means no long periods of being part, maybe fewer temptations on the road. Not always true – think Sonic Youth. “Sweet and Low” is about coming apart.

How does Christo create without Jeanne-Claude?

I’m leaving couples behind. Back to Bowie Is. Saw it again today, with my sis and friend. Just as good on second view, maybe better because my sis was only vaguely aware of Bowie and his music before going to the exhibit. Now she is ready to listen to his songs with a sense of discovery that obliterates the importance of time-specific phenomenon. You can be just as exhilarated by “Space Oddity” today as people were when it came out in 1969.

I owe a thank you to David Bowie. He in part inspired this blog – I started with “Changes” and his songs have woven themselves into various posts.


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