Only Lovers Left Alive

If you like music, literary references, remember the Cramps and saw at least one Jim Jarmusch movie that stayed with you, you will probably like “Only Lovers Left Alive”.

It’s an ode to Detroit and to romance that’s not schmaltzy but cool.

Vampire as a reclusive rock star, living in a Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller room, full of guitars, old technology, books, records. Sad vampire, comparing “now” to the past and finding now missing wit and insight.

Adam and Eve, dark and light, Nick and Nora in rock’n’roll threads.

I’m not sure that Only Lovers Left Alive quite works as a movie, but it definitely works as an atmospheric piece.

Waiting in the pouring rain to enter the cinema, I was hoping that it would be worth it. It was. I think I’ll remember the little details that made me smile – Dr. Faust disguise, Jack White’s house as a Detroit landmark, Adam’s interest in wiring things right.

Q & a afterwards with Jim Jarmusch, Tom Hiddleston and Anton Yelchin. All very articulate. A little disappointed Hiddleston decided to wear the skinny suit favored by so many young actors. Michael Fassbender might have worn the same suit. Like a uniform, no glimpse of the person inside. Maybe this shows the artistry of a good performance.


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