Don’t Forget Me

When you’re older, Saturday nights are for staying home, unless you make a concerted effort to go out. First, a long walk through the leafy neighbourhood. It’s quiet and the air already feels like fall. A change of seasons brings on a certain melancholy. “Top of the Lake” is winding down, a couple more episodes left. There is an undercurrent of unease and self-destructiveness; Robin is not meant to be happy. To Johnno, she is so real, more than his lover. A friend.

After I channel surf and start watching “Coming Home” midway through. I’ve never seen it; for some reason always avoided Vietnam-themed movies. But I’m immediately captivated by Voight’s performance, and like Fonda’s tightly wound-up character. The music soundtrack is great at first, but gets cloying towards the end. The performances don’t seem dated. I like that Voight likes her natural, wild hair. Bruce Dern who plays her husband is taken aback by her changed appearance; he doesn’t really know or want to know who she is. When she decides that she must stay with her husband, Voight asks her to promise that she’ll be his friend always.

Funny how Voight and Dern both have daughters who are well-known actresses. Laura Dern is more of a character actress, Angelina Jolie acts with the sheer force of her personality.

Marianne Faithfull sings about the always in Harry Nilsson’s “Don’t Forget Me”. Neko Case’s cover is good too.


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