How Should an Artist Be?

I’ve been reading Sheila Heti’s “How Should a Person Be?” from time to time. Like with “Girls”, I’m both put off and drawn to the characters and their lives and preoccupations. To be an artist is a full time gig. Beset by insecurity and narcissism (and creative block), the artist hangs out with her friends and goes from place to place (most are so trendy that it hurts), until she finally spits out her play. This book makes you love Toronto.

There is always a certain excitement with a discovery of something that triggers a response within. Bob Lefsetz expresses this so well. When he writes about Dido’s new album, he sums up beautifully the power of music (or art) to remind us of our common connection. Also to give that moment of euphoria, joy, whatever you call it.

Like the Black Keys concert I saw in 2008. I knew very little about them then, except that they might be interesting and they were playing a small venue which makes it so much more fun. The concert was sold out, and my friend and I were outside hoping that we could find a pair of tickets. We heard “The Kills” starting their opening set. And then, good luck happened. Two guys with two extra tickets. We were inside in an instant. The place was packed, hot, loud. And the Black Keys didn’t disappoint. The audience knew they were part of something special.


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