Choose Me

“Choose Me” (1984) reflects the open-ended quality of the 1980’s. It’s an ensemble piece. People weave in and out of each other’s lives. Hard to say what’s a line, a lie, a good story, or a good story that’s also true. Genevieve Bujold’s Dr. Nancy Love is so uptight that she denies the essence of “Love”. But even she gives in to a spontaneous roll in the hay (Keith Carradine’s Mickey understands that women like talk). Maybe not a great movie, but at the time it seemed like the right type of free flow of non-conformity.

“Solo Sunny” (1979) is also about non-conformity. Its East German heroine scrambles on the edges of society. She is a singer for a so-so pop pretender band. A self-professed free spirit, she gets taken advantage of.  Her rebelliousness has a self-destructive quality.  The movie stuck in my mind. It doesn’t have the lightness of “Choose Me” or its communal feel,  but both films are about the freedom to choose.



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