I was reading an article in The Economist on the future of bookstores. Idea on how to make them relevant in the e-age. Live performances, readings and other events, ticketed of course, since profit drives survival.

Maybe the bookstore can be transformed into a modern version of Gertrude Stein’s salon, where artists and writers mingled, conversation flowed and new movements began. Except today’s salon should have a more proletarian feel, open to ordinary people to share ideas, experiences and engage in social interaction. The e-age is short on real time face-to-face interaction; experience is solitary.

A long time ago I thought it’d be great to open a cafe, and have a little book section where patrons could sit and read. There would be poetry reading evenings, and weekly performances by local bands. Once in a while a movie would be shown, French new wave or Fassbinder films. Salon, or a community of kindred souls.


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