“Please Give” is a New York movie. People talk, nothing big happens, just little scenes of life in the city. The movie is populated by women in various stages of life unrest. Insecurity, guilt, loneliness, self-absorption and disregard for others are shown without judgement. Connections are made, maybe fleeting, but connections nonetheless.

This is the kind of movie that you can see on TVO’s Saturday Night at the Movies, soon to be discontinued. Sad to see it go.

How do greetings and salutations change through the decades? I’m still stuck in the old “Regards” mode. The 2000’s brought “Cheers” to the table. The image I got is someone either perennially cheerful or holding up a beer mug. Lately “Best” made its appearance. I’m mystified by “Best”. Best what? Maybe it means whatever the recipient wants it to mean, a sort of wish fulfillment for the age of short form communication.


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